terça-feira, 15 de março de 2011

Learning how to love

People used to think that fall in love is something out their control, almost irrational. It is true that the science can point several biological and chemical reactions triggered in our bodies and minds as consequence to fall in love. But I believe that we are always responsible for our own feelings. I also believe that there is a big difference between be attracted for someone and be in love.

In my opinion feel attracted can be a biological response but be in love is mostly an emotional reaction. So if our emotions control us we can feel like we have no choice but if we lead our hearts we can be able to decide when and by whom fall in love. Nevertheless, after fall in love we have a huge challenge that is learn how to love this person.

For do that, first of all, we need understanding what love really is. In my experience, the perfect love can be found only in God because He is love. It is His nature. And God’s love is patient, kind, merciful, selfless, it is never jealous or rude, it is not circumstantial but enduring and eternal. So we must try to apply this attributes in all our relationships. It is not easy but it is the best way to have a healthy and full one.

Point taken, the next step to learn how to love it is never supposing that our way to show our feelings is enough to make the other realize it. We need to work hard and be sensitive to get the appropriate “language” to communicate our love in the other person’s perspective.

Watching all these things, it is probably that we will be succeed in making our loved ones happy and this way feel happy ourselves.

* Esse texto foi escrito como atividade do meu curso de inglês. A proposta era discursar sobre a diferença entre se apaixonar e saber como amar.

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